Valentino Rossi and other MotoGP riders with FT and other musicians tried to demonstrate in Tokyo the “relationship” that can exist between a motorcycle and a piano, and how both demand a dedication to 100% to yield the expected results.

During the event, FT presented the song “Time Grid”, inspired by a MotoGP race, he had attended, and also he mentioned the similarities of the world of music and racing circuits

francesco tristano valentino rossi


FT and Guti’s Another Paradise project was the premiere inMUTEK Argentina on September 14. The performance showcases the lush diversity of the sound they have fashioned together, which incorporates both electronic and acoustic instruments, and ranges from atmospheric electronics to delicate melodic soundscapes with visuals specially crafted by Argentinian artist Martin Borini.

another paradise mutek

another paradise guti

martin borini

another paradise mutek argentina

another paradise music

Live recording from GGG (Glenn Gould Gathering) 2017 – A special tribute event dedicated by Ryuichi Sakamoto

2017 marked the 85th birth anniversary of Glenn Gould, the solitary composer/pianist from Canada. To commemorate this, an array of special exhibitions and concerts were held around the world commissioned by the Glenn Gould Foundation in Canada, among which Ryuichi Sakamoto was asked to curate an event in Japan. Sakamoto, an avid Gould admirer who had been influenced by him since early childhood and had handpicked his compositions for a compilation CD, readily agreed to the request. As a result, “Glenn Gould Gathering”, a series of exhibitions and concerts dedicated to Glenn Gould, took place with Sogetsu Hall as center stage. The event was highlighted with a tribute concert entitled “Glenn Gould – Remodels”. The concert featured musicians who have maintained close relations with Sakamoto, such as Alva Noto + Nilo, the leading figures of contemporary electronic music in Germany, and Austrian guitarist Christian Fennesz, who has spawned a new world of acoustic music, as well as pianist Francesco Tristano, an exceptional talent from Luxembourg. This live album captures the moment of a once-in-a-lifetime encounter.

– Quote from Sony Music Japan’s press release –

【Disc 1】

Ryuichi Sakamoto
  • Improvisation_20171215
  • J. S. Bach (Arranged by Ryuichi Sakamoto): Die Kunst der Fuge_BWV1080a – Contrapunctus I
  • J. S. Bach (Arranged by Ryuichi Sakamoto): Choral_BWV614
  • Ryuichi Sakamoto: andata
  • J. S. Bach (Arranged by Ryuichi Sakamoto): Choral_BWV639

    Christian Fennesz feat. Ryuichi Sakamoto
  • Christian Fennesz: a grandbell tragedy

    Alva Noto + Nilo feat. Ryuichi Sakamoto
  • Bach Gould redux

【Disc 2】

Francesco Tristano
  • Orlando Gibbons:Pavan
  • Orlando Gibbons:French Air
  • Orlando Gibbons:Aleman
  • Orlando Gibbons:Italian Ground
  • Orlando Gibbons:Ground

    Glenn Gould: Two Pieces for Piano
  • No.1
  • No.2
  • Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck: Fantasia in d

    Alva Noto + Nilo/ Christian Fennesz/Francesco Tristano/Ryuichi Sakamoto
  • Francesco Tristano: Coda for Glenn (world premiere)

Japan Edition, Buy here