FT premieres ‘Neihou’ w/ Royal Liverpool Philarmonic Orchestra

In an exciting series of concerts, FT performs Ravel’s Piano Concerto alongside his new work Neihou with Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra on 19 April followed by a recital as part of their ​Close Up Series’ featuring Tristano, Frescobaldi and Bach on 20 April.

Neihou was created as a new composition for the Neue Meister concert in Berlin on 6 November 2017, and was written for piano, string orchestra and live electronics. It is based on Tristano’s earlier composition Hello, which was first performed in 2007; the title, Neihou, is a transliteration of the Cantonese word for ​Hello’. The piece is a development from the minimalist productions of the Detroit house scene. Neihou develops a long rhythmic sequence over varying harmonic levels.

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