FT will release ‘Piano Circle Songs’ feat. Chilly Gonzales on Sony Classical

FT returns to his first passion with a selection of beautiful, newly composed works for solo piano. ‘Piano Circle Songs’ features award-winning Canadian pianist and songwriter Chilly Gonzales on four of the tracks, of which Gonzales composed “Tryst” himself for the album.

It was important for FT to capture the intimacy of the music in both the recording and the post- production phases. By purposefully placing mics close to the instrument, he wants the listener to experience the sensation of having “their ear inside the piano”.

“I love the beats, I love the constant impulse. The music on ‘Piano Circle Songs’ is the opposite. It’s very intimate, a melodic way of composing that has been largely inspired by the fact I had children. They made me explore a gentler phase of what I could do at the piano, in terms of writing”, FT explains.

The album theme of “circle” reflects the cyclical nature of the pieces themselves; many of the works follow ABA form or extended variations of this. FT also drew inspiration from a chance conversation with Chilly Gonzales and reflections on the behaviour of his children.

FT will perform the music from the album in concert this autumn in Berlin, Munich, London and Paris.


1. Circle Song 3:18

2. This too shall go 4:09

3. Grey Light 4:51

4. Never 4:57

5. All I have 3:45

6. Triangle Song – featuring Chilly Gonzales 3:33

7. Pastoral 4:08

8. Circle Song II 3:23

9. Merl 3:01

10. Circle Song III 3:03

11. Nuria’s Lament 3:33

12. La franciscana 3:41

13. Monologue for two – featuring Chilly Gonzales 3:49

14. Tryst – featuring Chilly Gonzales 3:06

15. Third Haiku – featuring Chilly Gonzales 3:23


FT piano circle songs

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